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When a colorful children’s umbrella gets stuck on one of the unloved store fronts, it is the first time JOEL notices the rundown shop. It advertises their business on a sun bleached sign “Mending Fool…”. Although he gave up on curiosity years ago, he can’t resist trying the weather-worn door. It screeches open and the smell of incense and wet dog tells him life will never be the same again. Joel has stumbled upon The Woolgatherer’s Store, a place where foolish dreams are mended. It is run by MAYBELLINE, a capricious woman and LEON, a gentle man about Joel’s age. Creaking open the store door forces Joel to face-off with the dreams he let slip by. Joel visits the shop again and again, reliving the dreams he forgot. There is one catch; in order to embrace his dreams fully he’ll have to let go of his unremarkable existence and take his turn in minding the shop. According to Maybelline, everything is born from a raison d’être and with a raison d’être. Will Joel find his reason for being?

The Woolgatherer's Store is a film about following your dreams, rekindling your inner spark and resisting the natural human impulse to 'fit in'; stylistically, if not thematically, it stands on the shoulders of genre-defining classics from masters such as Wes Anderson, Tim Burton and Charlie Kaufmann. Quirky and whimsical, at times nightmarish and bitter-sweet, but ultimately uplifting; this timeless tale is told in a literary way with exquisite dialog and fantastic imagery that will resonate with everyone who has ever wanted to escape the mundanity of everyday-life and step foot into their own dreams. STATUS: IN DEVELOPMENT

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