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When two scientists, Nicole and Sara, decide to mix business with pleasure on their short vacation to Holland, they have no idea they will be hunted down by a delusional Nazi.


Two UK scientists, Nicole and Sara, decide to use part of their short vacation to Holland to study the Dutch part of the Atlantic Wall. They feel relaxed and at ease as they stroll along the shoreline and the still existing bunkers, which stand in the Dutch dunes as a testament to a defeated ideal.


For Marcus however, a delusional Nazi fanatic, these bunkers stand for an ever growing Third Reich. He has taken one of the bunkers as his stronghold, firmly believing that the Nazi campaign is still ongoing and that he plays a pivotal part in a mission to connect underground Nazis along the Atlantic Wall.


The first time he lays eyes on Nicole he knows she is the one; her pure Aryan features have him believe she needs to be part of the uprising of the underground Nazis.


In his obsession he stalks the two women and kills anyone who stands in his way of getting his hands on this perfect specimen. A frantic cat-and-mouse game ensues and vacation becomes nightmare…

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